Here at Buffalo Brothers we do our very best to make sure our menu is full of delicious items made fresh everyday at an affordable price.  Many of our menu items are "only found here" in nature and we hope you enjoy!

While our catering menu is available for download we can put together any type of pacakage or service you need with proper notice.  Please allow 24hr notice for deliveries.


  • Although I have been in Raleigh longer than I care to mention, up until 2 months ago, I have never been here before. I was in the area to get my son a Playstation from a nearby shop and decided to pop in while waiting. We had wonderful food and great service. The wings are great (have not had the Pizza yet) and you MUST try the Cheesy Garlic Bread with dipping sauce - YUM! I have been stopping in when I get a chance ever since then and good food, service and fun every time.

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